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Are you at your wits end trying to get your girl motivated while decreasing her math anxiety – and your own frustration? Maybe she’s already a math lover and you want to keep up her excitement? Add the Black Girl MATHgic Box to the equation with Real-World Math Experiences Delivered to Your Door Every Month! (No contracts. Cancel or skip anytime).


How It Works

The incredible power of the Black Girl MATHgic Box shows up at your door every month
to help your girl discover the interesting, relevant and empowering world of mathematics!

Choose Her
“Math Grade Level"

We cater to your girl wherever she is on her math journey, regardless of age. If she’s in the 6th grade, but at a 4th grade math level, please choose the 3rd-5th Grade Math Level Box. If she’s in the 3rd grade, but at a 7th grade math level, please choose the 6th-8th Grade Math Level Box.

Math Confidence

Every month, we curate a themed and engaging math experience especially for your girl, and deliver it straight to her doorstep! Our lessons are ones you can count on being relevant, engaging and entertaining.

Black Girl MATHgic

Your girl will unlock math skills and confidence with her Black Girl MATHgic box that she’ll use everywhere – from the classroom to the grocery store, MATHgic is all around us and now it’s delivered to your door! You can cancel or skip a month at anytime!

If you are unsure of which box to choose, e-mail
and we will help you find the right math box for her.


Confidence, Creativity, and Real-World Math!

Each box contains:

  • A foundational math lesson/activity booklet based on a real-world theme to show relevance and create excitement

  • 3-5 items (including at least one Screen-Free activity or manipulative) to bring the theme to life (Items will differ from month-to-month)

  • An affirmation to strengthen her math confidence

  • A profile of a woman mathematician to show representation that develops your girl’s math identity (her ability to see herself as a learner and doer of math)

  • A Caring Adult Guide to help YOU help her maximize her box experience (you do NOT have to be a math whiz to help her enjoy the Black Girl MATHgic Box! Commitment is all you need.)

Children learn and retain information better when they feel more comfortable and able to apply that information to their own lives. That’s why the Black Girl MATHgic Box aims to keep our girls growing and learning math with real-world themes connected to her lived experiences.

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  • Subscription box orders ship between the 14th-18th of the month
  • Subscription renews monthly on the 20th
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