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FREE Live Webinar - Tuesday, September 19 @ 7PM EST / 6PM CST / 4PM PST

How to Help Your Girl Ditch Math Anxiety For Good!

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You sit down with your girl to tackle the day's math homework.

Within minutes, you watch her eyes glaze over, her enthusiasm drain away.

Each question on the worksheet becomes a struggle, each calculation a mini battle.

You feel a sense of déjà vu—weren't you in this same position when you were her age? You dread math time, but what can you do? Math is important, but at what cost?

Math anxiety is a crippling obstacle that affects grades and limits future opportunities.

The good news? You can turn the tide.

Our upcoming webinar provides actionable tips for eliminating math anxiety and making math a joyful learning experience for your 3rd-8th grade girl. Plus, discover how the Black Girl MATHgic Box can make mastering math not just achievable but also fun. Don't let math anxiety hold your girl back—join us to empower her for lifelong success!

Your Girl Doesn't Have to Suffer from Math Anxiety

Imagine your child, eyes sparkling, proudly showing you a completed math assignment—no tears, no frustration.

Math anxiety is a real burden, turning what should be an empowering skill into a dreaded chore. This anxiety doesn't just stay in the classroom; if it's not addressed, it will follow your girl into adulthood, limiting her career options, decreasing her earning potential, and even affecting her day-to-day decisions. But we have the solution.

After attending our value-packed webinar, you'll walk away with:

  • Deep Insights: Understand the root causes of math anxiety to eliminate it at the source.
  • Actionable Strategies: Walk away with easy-to-implement techniques that improve your girl's skills and build resilience.
  • Renewed Hope: Gain a refreshed outlook, confident that math can be a positive experience for your girl.
  • Exclusive Freebies and Giveaways: A chance to win resources to amplify your child's learning further.
  • Tool Introduction: Learn about the Black Girl MATHgic Box, a revolutionary tool that makes math engaging and relatable.

This is more than a webinar; it's a movement. Join us and change your child's math story for the better.

*This webinar will best serve parents/Caring Adults of girls in 3rd-8th grade.

You're in! Click here to download your FREE Math Confidence Guide!

Meet Your Host

Brittany Rhodes

picture of Black Girl MATHgic Founder, Brittany Rhodes
  • 20-year math tutor
  • Lifelong math enthusiast
  • Featured on, Black Enterprise, Forbes, & more
  • BS in Mathematics from Spelman College
  • Former GED Math Instructor
  • Founder of Black Girl MATHgic
  • Toddler mommy :)
  • Passionate about building your 3rd-8th grade girl's math confidence
  • Loves helping Caring Adults like you feel empowered to help your child overcome math struggles!

You're in! Click here to download your FREE Math Confidence Guide!

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