Dominga Gardner

The Os and Is

"Learn the basics of math and try to apply them because you will definitely need math in everything that you do. It's just a given! "

Quick Facts

Featured in: Bits & Bytes (December 2021)

Current Role: Manager of Application Development for the Jefferson County Commission


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics and Software Engineering from Mississippi State University
  • Master of Science in Information Systems and Management from the University of Phoenix
  • Master of Educational Technology from Boise State University.

Math, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Technology Education, and all-around tech

In our December 2021 – Bits & Bytes box, Dominga talks about how she fell in love with computer science through her love of mathematics and used her problem-solving abilities to enter into the political arena!

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“I like to solve problems; that is what I do in my everyday life. I currently teach technology for educators as an adjunct professor at Miles College. I find myself doing technology wherever I go.”

Check out our December 2021 – Bits & Bytes box to see Dominga Gardners’ FULL interview!