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FAQ (updates in progress)

Black Girl MATHgic is more than a subscription box; it’s a movement aimed at increasing math confidence and decreasing math anxiety in girls on a 3rd-8th grade math level. Each subscription tier is designed to empower, enlighten, and enrich a child’s math education with a focus on real-world application and representation.

Math anxiety is more than just saying, “I’m bad at math” or “I’m not a math person.” It’s a psychological condition characterized by emotional stress and discomfort when dealing with math problems or concepts. Nearly all Americans—around 93%—experience some level of math anxiety at various points in their life (Source: It can significantly impact learning outcomes, career choices, and day-to-day life, which is why combating it is a core part of our mission at Black Girl MATHgic.

Math is far more than just numbers; it’s a vital life skill that permeates every aspect of our daily lives—from personal finances and shopping to cooking and problem-solving. In the modern, tech-driven world, math serves as the backbone of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. According to recent data from the National Science Foundation, competency in STEM is critical for success in our information-rich, technologically advanced society.


Math is often referred to as the ‘gatekeeper’ of STEM because it is an integral part of every STEM discipline, be it Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, or even Medicine. A strong foundation in math from an early age can pave the way for financially rewarding careers, with STEM-related jobs offering starting salaries of around $62,000 or more. But even if your child doesn’t pursue a STEM career, basic math skills are essential for navigating the complexities of modern life.

Domestic Shipping: We ship our Value and Premium Subscription boxes to all 50 U.S. states, including P.O. Boxes. Shipping fees apply and vary depending on the subscription tier.

International Shipping: Great news for our global family! Our Digital Subscription is available worldwide, providing instant access to all Black Girl MATHgic resources right at your fingertips. Unfortunately, at this time, we only offer physical shipping for our Value and Premium boxes within the United States.

  1. Black Girl MATHgic offers something special for every MATHgician with three distinct subscription tiers:
  • Digital Subscription: Perfect for budget-conscious and international customers, our Digital Subscription includes:
    • Mathematician feature
    • Math activity workbook (PDF)
    • Math affirmation card (PDF)
    • Caring Adult Guide (PDF)
    • Answer key (PDF)
    • Manipulatives resource list with links
  • Value Subscription: Ideal for families desiring hands-on learning, our Value Subscription comes in a fun purple envelope and includes:
    • Everything in the Digital Subscription, in printed form
    • Free personalization
    • Custom sticker sheet
    • Motivation chart
  • Premium Subscription: Aimed at providing an extraordinary math journey, our Premium Subscription arrives in our iconic purple box and includes:
    • Everything in the Value Subscription
    • 2-3 additional goodies/manipulatives based on the month’s theme
    • Live Premium Monthly Support & Community via Zoom

Whether you choose Digital, Value, or Premium, each option is designed to increase math confidence and decrease math anxiety, offering a total value that exceeds $100 every single month!

  1. We offer three thoughtfully curated subscription tiers:
    1. Digital Subscription: Perfect for budget-conscious families and our international audience, this tier delivers digital downloads for immediate engagement.
    2. Value Subscription: Our middle tier provides a physical product that includes personalized touches like name personalization, custom sticker sheets, and motivation charts.

Premium Subscription: The top-tier choice offers 2-3 additional goodies/manipulatives based on the box’s theme and includes premium math support via Zoom.

For pricing details, please refer to Choose My Plan.

  1. Black Girl MATHgic stands out in several key ways:
    1. Screen-Free Learning: No apps, no logins, just hands-on learning.
    2. Real-World Context: Math is presented in the context of daily life, making it relatable and impactful.
    3. Comprehensive Coverage: We explore multiple facets of math, keeping learning diversified and engaging.
    4. Parental Empowerment: We equip parents and caring adults with the resources to be active participants in their child’s math education.
    5. Community Impact: With features on female mathematicians, we emphasize the importance of representation in the field.

Black Girl MATHgic is for parents, guardians, and educators, including homeschoolers, who are looking for effective, engaging, and culturally relevant math resources for children in grades 3-8.

Decades of research indicate that girls often underrate their abilities in areas traditionally considered male-dominated, including math. In the United States, even when girls and boys score equally well on math achievement tests, girls typically report less confidence in their math abilities, which is a significant predictor of who will pursue math-intensive careers.

Although we designed Black Girl MATHgic with the intention of boosting math confidence among girls—particularly black girls—our resources and methods are universally effective and beneficial for children of all genders and backgrounds. The curriculum, exercises, and motivational techniques used in our subscription boxes can enrich any child’s educational experience and help build a strong math foundation.

We want to make it clear that while our mission is to address the gender gap in math and STEM fields, we believe in and celebrate the potential of all children to excel in math. Our materials are inclusive and are designed to resonate with a wide audience.

So, whether you’re raising a girl, a boy, or a non-binary child, the math confidence and skills your child could gain from Black Girl MATHgic are priceless.

To receive your upcoming subscription and accelerate your girl’s math confidence, please order by the 20th of the current month to receive the following month’s box (for example: order by October 20th to receive the November box). Your subscription will be delivered to your inbox (if you’re a Digital subscriber) or shipped to you (if you’re a Value or Premium subscriber) between the 8th and 11th of the month.

You have complete control over your subscription. All subscriptions renew automatically, but you can cancel or pause at any time via our user-friendly dashboard.

Yes! You can opt-in for our SMS service to receive exclusive updates, reminders, and tips right to your phone. Ideal for busy parents who want to stay in the loop without the clutter of emails. To opt-in, text “MATHISLIFE” to +1 (855) 973-4163 or click here!

Nope, you don’t need to be a math expert to make the most of the Black Girl MATHgic Box! Every subscription comes with a user-friendly Caring Adult Guide, which is designed to walk you through how to best support your child as they explore the activities. Whether you’re confident in your own math skills or you’re still learning alongside your child, this guide is your helpful companion on this math adventure.

Plus, we provide a Digital Answer Key for the math activity workbook to ease any worries about having the “right” answers. The focus here is on bonding, exploration, and encouraging a positive math experience. Think of it as a journey you’re taking together—one that’s as rewarding for you as it is for your child.

Our focus is less on age and more on your child’s stage in their math journey. The Black Girl MATHgic Box is geared towards reinforcing foundational math skills, ideal for learners at a 3rd-8th grade math level. We offer two specific options: one tailored for a 3rd-5th grade math level and another for a 6th-8th grade math level. So, for instance, if you have a 14-year-old in 9th grade but she’s at a 6th-grade math level, our box will still offer valuable benefits.

Yes, we recommend one box per child for a personalized learning experience. Each box is curated with individual activities and supportive items that contribute to the child’s math journey. If your children are at different math skill levels, they’ll likely need boxes designed for their respective levels. While each child will have their own box, we strongly encourage interactive learning and sharing experiences among siblings or friends as they work through their respective BGM boxes.

Absolutely, we do! We’re thrilled to partner with educational institutions, homeschooling co-ops, school districts, and youth-focused organizations or non-profits to bring the magic of Black Girl MATHgic to more young learners. If you’re looking to make a significant impact through our bulk order program or need to process a purchase order, we’ve got you covered.

💌 To get started, you can reach out to us via e-mail at

📞 Alternatively, give us a ring at 302.313.MATH.

We’re excited to discuss the specifics and tailor an offering that best suits the needs of your organization. Let’s make MATHgic together!


Boxes ship between the 14th and 18th of the month. (If you join us after the 20th of the current month, your first box will ship the following month)
We sincerely apologize for sending out a box without an item. Because we have many boxes to pack every month, there’s always the chance we miss an item by accident. Please let us know if you’re missing an item by sending us an email at and we’ll get you taken care of!

We understand receiving duplicates or something she doesn’t like can be frustrating. Unfortunately, because we plan our boxes months ahead of shipping them, we’re unable to control this dilemma. However, what makes our selected items unique are the ways in which we illustrate how they apply to math through the monthly theme and math activity booklet. If she receives an item in our box that she already has or doesn’t like, we suggest having her gift it to a friend – the items we source make great gifts!

You will be billed on the 20th of the month. The payment for your first box will happen at the time of your initial purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew on the 20th of the month until you cancel/pause your subscription.

Yes, you can! If you need to skip a month, log into your account before the cutoff date (the 20th of the month) and opt to skip that month. You may also skip by sending a note directly to us at

Because we must order a specific quantity of items for our boxes — most of which are non-returnable — we cannot offer refunds once orders have been placed, or auto-renewals have been processed. Please note cancellations are for future boxes only, and not for the boxes already paid for.

For any T-shirt returns, items will need to be shipped back unworn and undamaged at the customer's expense. Once received, a refund will be processed, less shipping costs.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for the mail carrier misplacing your package or it being stolen from your porch. That said, we will evaluate replacing the items on a case by case basis. We may be out of certain items. If your package is not properly delivered or is missing, please contact the mail carrier first about locating it. DO NOT FILE A CLAIM. Please email us at to discuss the next options. If we are not notified within 2 weeks of delivery, we may not be able to replace/help locate the package. We may also require you to pay for new shipping/signature delivery if it is deemed necessary.