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Christian Joy Maiden

"Don't let anybody tell you that something can't be done or that you shouldn't be interested in it. It doesn't matter what it is. You can become the expert on it one day."

Christian Joy Maiden

Quick Facts

Featured IN

Music to My Ears (June 2021)

Current role

Musician (singer and pianist) and attorney


Bachelor of Science in Education and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at Ohio University
Master of Education in Educational Leadership at Dallas Baptist University
Juris Doctor (J.D.) at Howard University School of Law
Master of Laws (LLM) in Criminal Trial Advocacy at American University


Playing piano, singing, math, law, and music
In our June 2021 – Music to My Ears box, Christian tells us her math story, her strengths and weaknesses when it comes to math, and her love of Geometry. She tells us about her career after graduation, and of course her love for music. She even talks about how she used music when teaching math.

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“Every time I had a class, I had to figure out the culture of the class, what was important to them, and then tie math into it. I taught a class where the students were not excited about math, they refused to study, and it was a battle. When it comes to , you need to know 1/2 is .5 and like 30 others that make other parts of math much more simple.”

Christian Joy Maiden