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Dr. Chawne Kimber

"Never let anybody tell you what your limitations are."

Dr. Chawne Kimber
Dr. Kimber for Hall of Fame

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Check My Patchwork (March 2022)

Current role

Dean of the College at Washington and Lee University


Bachelor of Science and Ph.D. at University of Florida
Master of Science at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Quilting and mathematics
In our March 2022 – Check My Patchwork box, Dr. Chawne Kimber shares with us about growing up in the south during a time where gender was portrayed as, girls are pretty, and they don’t do math and science. She tells us how she got into quilting, specifically social justice quilts, and how math shows up in quilting.

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“There is a lot of geometry involved in quilts. Understanding how shapes fit together is a huge thing.”

Dr. Chawne Kimber
Dr. Kimber for Hall of Fame