Dr. D. Natasha Brewley

"I enjoy [math]. I enjoy thinking about it. [I enjoy] doing it. I really got into helping other people understand it. I love the 'aha!' moments people have when they get math, and I wanted to help them get there."

Dr. D. Natasha Brewley

Quick Facts

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Food = Fuel (May 2020)

Current role

Math professor, Founder and CEO of Nyansapo Wellness Institute, Inc., Chef Beee at Essentially Chef Beee (check out chefbeee.com!)


B.S. in Mathematics at Spelman College
Masters in Applied Mathematics and Masters in Finance at Clark Atlanta University
Ph.D. in Mathematics Education at University of Georgia


plant based cooking, entrepreneurship
In our May 2020 – Food = Fuel box, Dr. D. Natasha Brewley describes how she went from teaching math for over 20 years to deciding to become a plant-based chef. “When you want to learn something, you just have to do it,” she says! Dr. Brewley is passionate about giving to her community, whether it is helping them eat better, teaching nutrition education, or running summer camps that tie together food, cooking, and STEM.

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“I’m always experimenting to try to figure out the best way to make something, and that’s shown to really be mathematics.”

Dr. D. Natasha Brewley