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Mya Havard

"Ask for help from your teacher or whoever you can. When you get stuck on a math problem, [ask] somebody to go back to the basics for you and [don't be] embarrassed to ask."

Mya Havard
Mya Havard for Hall of Fame

Quick Facts

Featured IN

Secure the Bag Part IV: Employee – Preneur

Current role

Product Manager at Twitter, and Co-Founder at Shea’d (pronounced “shade“)


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science from Spelman College
Master of Science in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University


Math, problem-solving to be more specific, and making sure black-owned businesses are getting the traction they deserve
In our May 2022 – Secure the Bag Part IV: Employee – Preneur box, Mya starts out by telling us how she has always been a fan of math since the second grade, and how that grew through her middle school and high school years. She talks about teachers who had confidence in her and encouraged her to keep going. Mya also shares about her own business, Shea’d, her job at Twitter, and how math plays a role in them both.

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“Having certain teachers [tell me] I was good at math also really motivated me because a lot of the battle of liking math is around confidence more than anything else. Having those teachers [who] believed in me early on and throughout school, is what helped me [enjoy math].”

Mya Havard
Mya Havard for Hall of Fame