Olivia Wilkins

"Don't let anyone's comments bring you down. Stick with it. Ask for help. You have to be persistent. Give it all you've got and then some."

Olivia Wilkins

Quick Facts

Featured IN

I’m So Fly (October 2020)

Current role

Mathematician (yes, that’s her actual job title!) at Lockheed Martin


B.S. in Mathematics at Texas Christian University
M.S. in Data Analytics at Oregon State University (in progress)


Algebra and Statistics
In our October 2020 – I’m So Fly box, we learn how Olivia Wilkins creates math models to predict issues with the military aircraft that Lockheed Martin builds. Her models look at a lot of data and historical trends to find possible defects in aircraft. In her interview, Olivia describes how to combat imposter syndrome and become a persistent, passionate mathematician!

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“She started this love of math with me. Eventually when it came time to decide colleges and then decide what to major in, in my mind, I'm saying, if I can do math, that's the foundation. It can open multiple doors for me.”

Olivia Wilkins