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Rachel & Rebecca Crouch

"Math is for everyone. It's accessible to everybody. It's something that helps develop that muscle in your brain that makes you a critical thinker." - Rebecca Crouch

Rachel & Rebecca Crouch

Quick Facts

Featured IN

Art Gallary (July 2022)

Current role

Rebecca is a full-time artist and Rachel is a principal and owner/operator of RDC Art Gallery


Both Rachel and Rebecca attended Howard University and earned their Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.
Rebecca went on to earn a Master of Mathematics Education with a concentration in Educational Leadership from the Illinois Institute of Technology.
Rachel furthered her education at the University of Scranton and received a Master of Science in Instruction and Curriculum.


Art, Black History, Education, and Math
In our (July 2022) Art Gallery box, Rachel and Rebecca tell us how their math stories both started at young ages and followed them all through life. Rebecca gives us insight into her art gallery and we learn how math shows up in art!

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“Math is something you can practice, something you can get good at, something you can train your brain to see, and something you can learn and recognize.” - Rachel Crouch
“I would suggest that you never shy away from it [Math] but figure out how to learn it in a way that makes sense for you.” - Rebecca Crouch

Rachel & Rebecca Crouch
Rachel & Rebecca in front of art