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Sarabella Johnson

"Mathematics is everywhere. It shapes the whole world, from the shape of a stop sign, to the weight of bananas at the grocery store, numbers are literally everywhere. When you start to understand that and think about it in those terms, you're already wonderful at math."

Sarabella Johnson

Quick Facts

Featured IN

Secure The Bag II (June 2020)

Current role

Founder of Sarabella Accessories (landladypreneur = Landlady + entrepreneur!)


B.A. in Mathematics at Otterbein University
MBA at Franklin University
Previously: Forecasting Analyst at Victoria’s Secret, Founder of Sisters United
Over 12 years of real estate experience as business owner, landlord, property manager, and real estate agent


Real Estate, Entrepreneurship
In our June 2020 – Secure The Bag II box, Sarabella describes how her math journey led her to entrepreneurship and real estate, and how she uses math as a real estate agent. She goes through earning a college scholarship, working through college, and starting an empowerment group for women of color. For young women of color, Sarabella gives the advice, “You have to understand that you’re strong enough and that you can do it”!

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“I was a first generation graduate. [...] For me, it was that determination and drive within myself that I wanted to do better for me and my family. I know a lot of young people feel that way. You know, there's something better out there and you're hungry, you're driven. Go and get it. You can do it.”

Sarabella Johnson