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Shar Wynter

"If one person can do it, any of us can do it. You were not put on this earth any less intelligent than anyone else or less capable. It's okay to mess up; accept it. Don't be afraid to fail and have confidence in knowing that other people have done this, and you are just as capable as they are, if not even more capable."

Shar Wynter

Quick Facts

Featured IN

Movin’ On Up (May 2021)

Current role

Founder & CEO of XPat


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at Spelman College
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at North Carolina State University


Visiting other countries and living abroad
In our May 2021 – Movin’ On Up box, Shar talks about what an expat is and how she became one. She talks about her Xpat app and why she felt it was necessary for expats to be able to easily connect, and she also tells us about her math story.

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“People think it's more possible for them to do something when they see people who look like them doing it. Imagine being on this earth for so long and finally realizing you have the freedom of movement and options.”

Shar Wynter