Shondra Washington

"You can use math to create anything you want."

Shondra Washington

Quick Facts

Featured IN

Secure The Bag I (April 2020)

Current role

President and Co-Founder of TBC-Capital


B.S. in Mathematics at University of Maryland, College Park
Former professional dancer (for the Washington Wizards NBA team, and many TV commercials and music videos!)
Former investment banker


In our April 2020 – Secure The Bag I box, Shondra Washington tells us what her day looks like at TBC-Capital helping entrepreneurs get investments and grants (basically, money!). She works as an on-demand CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for startups and small businesses. As a kid, Shondra actually struggled with math – it was hard to connect with other students and teachers, but she eventually overcame it and majored in math in college!

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“I became so much better at it with PRACTICE! If you aren't understanding something, it's up to you to ask for help.”

Shondra Washington