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Stella Safari

"I think there's something artistic about math. There's a certain beauty and art to it. I like creating. I like bringing things to life. Math does that for me. You can have one problem and have many different ways of solving it. I love that about math."

Stella Safari

Quick Facts

Featured IN

Shop Til’ You Drop (August 2019)

Current role

Director of gBeta Detroit and founder of Congolese fashion brand, Zapenda


Mathematics and Social Sciences and Women’s and Gender Studies at Dartmouth College


Fashion and the culture and community of her native country, Congo
In our August 2019 – Shop Til’ You Drop box, we learn about Stella’s story of where she come from and how she got to the U.S. She talk’s about how when she came to America she couldn’t even speak English, but she knew numbers and how that played a role in where she is today. She also talks about her fashion brand and how math plays an important part in that.

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“What I do is take a whole lot of measurements. I'm always collecting data. Last night, I was updating our size chart. A lot of people know their size, but not their measurements.”

Stella Safari