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Say Goodbye to Math Anxiety: A Homeschooling
Companion for Your Budding Mathematician

Experience culturally relevant math confidence kits, apparel , and learning tools designed to boost confidence and spark joy in your homeschooling student.

Why Do Homeschoolers Love Our Math Confidence Kits?


Tired of juggling multiple resources for homeschool math education? Black Girl MATHgic offers a holistic learning system, ideal for supplementing any math curriculum. Beyond math, we include ELA, science, and career pathway exposure. From curriculum-aligned activities to hands-on manipulatives and step-by-step guides for adults, we’re the missing piece that brings math to life—making your homeschooling journey more rewarding and effective. Check out our math confidence kits and more!


Is Black Girl MATHgic right for your child?

We’ve helped hundreds of families all across the country just like yours foster an enthusiasm for math in their children!

In your hands, our products become so much more than math resources. They are keys unlocking the door to a world where math anxiety is a thing of the past.

It’s time to secure your child’s future. High math confidence and skills equate to a potential $94,000 increase in annual income!

With us, you’re not just teaching your child math; you’re showing them how it integrates into their everyday world, sparking curiosity and fueling discovery.

We’ve helped hundreds  of families across the US and Canada relate math to the real-world covering at least 10 different math concepts, identifying and filling learning gaps.

Attention Caring Adult! You do not have to be a math whiz to help your child with math.
Commitment is all you need! And we help you with the rest.

Unbox the Magic of Math Confidence Today

Discover Why Our Subscription Boxes Are The Perfect Tools
To Nurture Your Child's Math Skills And Confidence.

Confidence Building

Math affirmations, reflection exercises, and empowering messages to banish math anxiety

Comprehensive Learning

Covering 10+ math concepts in every box, offering a thorough and holistic approach to math mastery.


An exclusive feature of a woman mathematician, inspiring your child by showcasing successful figures who look just like them.

Scree-Free Learning

We’re screen-free on purpose. Build math confidence without the need for a device

Engaging Math Activity Workbook

Colorful, theme-based workbooks full of foundational math lessons and activities that make learning fun and engaging.

Adult Support

The Caring Adult Guide aids you in helping your child maximize their box experience. No advanced math knowledge required – just commitment!

Answer Key Included

No more googling for answers! We include an answer key to the math activity workbook for smooth and frustration-free learning experiences.

Art and Math box

Exceptional Value

Each box provides over $100 in value, making it a smart and valuable investment in your child’s education.

How it Works

Experience the incredible power of Black Girl MATHgic to help your girl discover the interesting, relevant and empowering world of mathematics!


Grab our math confidence kit and get ready to embark on a math adventure.


Your carefully curated experience packed with exciting math activities arrives at your doorstep (or in your inbox!)!

Learn & Grow

Watch your child blossom into a confident mathematician with our engaging and educational materials inspired by our featured mathematician.


Confidence, Creativity, and Real-World Math!

Each kit is based on a real-world theme and contains:

  • An exclusive interview/feature of a woman mathematician because representation matters
  • A multi-page, colorful, and engaging math activity workbook based on a real-world theme, chock full of foundational math lessons and activities
  • A math affirmation card to strengthen your girl’s math confidence
  • A Caring Adult Guide to help YOU help her maximize her box experience (you do NOT have to be a math whiz to help her enjoy the Black Girl MATHgic Box! Commitment is all you need.)
  • Digital Answer Key to the math activity workbook (that’s right – no more Googling answers!)
  • Fun Math Facts that extend the learning and better equip your girl to relate math to the real world
  • Over $100+ in value every single kit!
STEM + HERStory Sample Black Girl MATHgic Box

Join our growing community of hundreds of families who have said 'yes' to math confidence and joy with Black Girl MATHgic!

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Get our jam-packed FREE download, How to Increase Your Child’s Math Confidence, to inspire, motivate, and empower her to be enthusiastic about math and see how it applies to everything!

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How To Increase Your Child's Math Confidence

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