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The Product Boss

Building Math Confidence in Girls with Brittany Rhodes
Female Founder Brittany Rhodes shares how her business helps young girls gain confidence in learning math and builds them up to see themselves as math stars.
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Subscription Box Basics with Julie Ball

Subscription Box Basics

Behind the Scenes with Black Girl MATHgic
Julie chats with one of her Subscription Box Bootcamps, Brittany Rhodes, founder of the Black Girl MATHgic subscription box. Hear how Brittany got into the subscription box business and the Black Girl MATHgic launch story.
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STEMming in Stilettos with Dr. Toshia

Stemming in Stilettos

Meet Brittany Rhodes: A Math Love Story
Dr. Toshia Anderson talks with Brittany about how 1) Math is the foundation to all other STEM subjects, 2) Mom knows best, and 3) The subscription box works because it can be customized for the girl.
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Taste for Tenacity

Pushing Through the End of the World with Brittany Rhode‪s
Black Girl MATHgic founder Brittany Rhodes opens up about entering the job market in the height of the recession, data-driven storytelling, and the role of serendipity in business.
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Her Megaphone

Brittany Rhodes of Black Girl MATHgic on Math Literacy & Girls in STE‪M
Brittany speaks about the birth of the company, her own love for math and years of tutoring young people, why we need girls in STEM, and what it was like when Beyonce Knowles Carter herself put her company on
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Teacher Hustle

Starting and Running a Mission-Based Subscription Box Business
In this week's episode, we are chatting with Brittany from Black Girl Mathgic about mission based subscription boxes.
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This Green Planet

Building Math Confidence in Girls with Brittany Rhode‪s
This episode is with Brittany Rhodes is about building math confidence in girls. At Black Girl MATHgic, their mission is to help girls build the math confidence they need to succeed in class today and society tomorrow.
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Relatively Prime

Black Girl MATHgic
Samuel and Brittany discuss where the idea of the box came from, what comes in the boxes each month, and why everyone benefits when young Black women are centered in mathematics.
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The Subscription Box Show

Brittany Rhodes - Turning Your Passion Into A Thriving Business
In this episode Brittany, a subscription entrepreneur with a ton of momentum, talks about founding of Black Girl MATHgic.
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The TeachHER Podcast

Brittany Rhodes
Black Girl MATHgic (BGM) is a movement dedicated to increasing math confidence, awareness, enthusiasm, identity, fluency, and persistence in children, with a focus on girls and black children.
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Math Therapy

Why representation matters w/ Brittany Rhodes
Vanessa chats with Brittany about why she saw a need for representation in math education, how consistency is the key to kids building confidence in their skills, and how her quest to show Black girls that they belong in the world of math has been so successful that she’s even received a shoutout from Beyonce!
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Media Features


Meet The Mathematician Turned Startup Founder Who’s Helping Black Girls Build Their Confidence In Math
“The Black Girl MATHgic equation to solve for math anxiety is simple: Math confidence + representation = A girl with options who has the confidence and skill to design the life she wants.”
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Black Enterprise

Black Girl MATHgic Founder Receives $25,000 Grant to Close the Math Confidence Gap
“I view basic math fluency as the key to closing the racial wealth gap in America,” says Rhodes. “I want people to be able to open up every single door that is available to them”
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Yahoo Finance

American Express honors 100 Black female entrepreneurs in its '100 for 100' program
“Of all the entrepreneurs in this country, the number one growing group is Black women. They are starting 763 new businesses every day, and that's awesome.”
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Michigan Chronicle

American Express Launches Program Aimed at Black Women Entrepreneurs
“Through her program, Black Girl MATHgic, Rhodes is helping young Black girls conquer math. The first of its kind, the monthly subscription box is curated to help fight against math anxiety and encourage math readiness.”
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This Founder Plans to Sprinkle Black Girl MATHgic on Young Girls Thanks to A $25K Grant
“Brittany Rhodes — founder of the Black Girl MATHgic movement — is proving that Black girls love math too.”
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Milwaukee mathematician Dr. Gloria F. Gilmer used creativity, culture to help students succeed
“Math and culture are two topics not often considered together. But Dr. Gloria F. Gilmer,” featured in our February 2020 - Love Your Hair box, “saw the benefit of blending the two.”
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Melanin Muse

Brittany Rhodes
“I am so proud of what I am building with Black Girl MATHgic.” - Brittany
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Making STEM Magical with Black Girl MATHgic
“Girls and women are majorly outnumbered in STEM industries [...] So how might we resolve problems like this? Well, subscription box founder Brittany Rhodes has an answer.”
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Civic Center TV

Founder of Black Girl MATHgic Discusses Building Math Confidence Among Young Girls
Brittany Rhodes joins the show to talk about the special ways that Black Girl MATHgic works with girls to help them with their math skills.
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The Neighborhoods - The Spirit of Detroit

Black Girl MATHgic Thinking Outside the Box about math and our youth.
"Math can be tough. And struggling in front of peers (sometimes less-than-compassionate grown-ups, too) adds a dollop of anxiety on top of the struggle. And that’s just one challenging aspect of being a 3rd-8th grade girl growing up these days in our communities."
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"Best of" Mentions

Stem Toy Expert

Best STEM Subscription Box for Kids (Ultimate Guide 2021)
"Ready to empower the next Katherine Johnson? This is the subscription box that will allow you to do just that! That’s why Black Girl MATHgic is our pick as Best STEM box for GRL PWR!"
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Hello Subscription

Best Subscription Boxes for Kids – 2021 Award Winners
“Black Girl MATHgic - Hidden Gem!”
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The Mom Trotter

Subscription Boxes That Teach Black History & Encourage Black Excellence

Cool Mom Picks

Holiday tech gifts: 11 of the coolest STEM toys and gifts for big kids and tweens


26 Subscription Boxes That’ll Help Anyone With Bored Kids At Home

Hello Subscription

2021’s Best Subscription Boxes for Homeschoolers


21 Of The Best STEM Kits for Kids

Woman's Day

38 Fun Gifts for Kids That They Will Love
“Show them how fun math can be while they’re still young! This fun math subscription box comes with all sorts of math games and exercises that kids will love.”
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