Kendria Oglesby

Everybody Loves Ken

"There is no such thing as not being a math person. I think that is oppressive language. I love to tell about the story of Thomas Fuller, the 14-year-old slave mathematician who could compute problems in his head faster than people could type them into a calculator."

Quick Facts

Featured in: School Daze (September 2019)

Current Role: 9th Grade Integrated Math Teacher

Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, specializing in Mathematics Grades 4-8 at Middle Tennessee State University

Helping students, who otherwise would not have the opportunity, learn at a higher level.

In our September 2019 – School Daze box, Kendria talks about why she became a math teacher, and how she succeeded even when others were telling her “Maybe this just isn’t for you.”  She talks about her favorite math strategies to teach students and Classroom Economy.

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“Because I feel like no one believes that. And I have seen it. Not only have I seen it, my data speaks to it. And so I just want to open everyone's eyes up to what black children are able to do in math class when they are equipped with the right teacher and the right resources.”

Check out our September 2019 – School Daze box to see Kendria Oglesbys’ FULL interview!