Presenting The MATHgic Prince Box

Enrichment, Representation, and Real-World Math for 3rd - 8th Grade Boys!

The MATHgic Prince is the skill-building, confidence-boosting, & real-world math enrichment your boy needs to maximize his potential with the critical thinking, problem-solving, social emotional learning, and cultural & historical representation that sets him apart.

Engaging Real-World Math Fun to Ignite His Love, Skill, and Appreciation for MATH

Plus These Benefits:

Confidence Building

A math affirmation, reflection exercises, and empowering messages help banish math anxiety and affirm his math identity.

STEM Success Stories

Highlights Science, Technology, Engineering, and MATH as lucrative, wide-open industries where our boys belong and succeed.

Culturally Relevant

Features Black male MATHematicians and Black History to expand their access and proximity to unlimited possibilities.


Screen-Free Learning

We’re screen-free on purpose. Every box features practical, hands-on grade-level math activities that make concepts fun and easy to learn. 

Box of math goodies

What's Inside

Each Box Contains:

Limited Supply

See the MATHgic Prince Box in Action

In Just 20 Minutes Per Day...

Ignite His MATH Momentum...Without The Hair-Pulling Drama of Homework Time


Receive over $150 of product value in each box.

Limited Supply

What Our Customers
Have to Say

"The box presentation and overall quality of the box was just great, hands down. The theme of the box was incredible. It kept our attention. Not only do we use the deck of cards for games, but it had the history thing going on so before bed, we would go through the cards and read them. We loved it."
Alonna A.
Fraud Specialist, 6th Grader Parent
"He needs this box. We struggle with a growth mindset so sometimes he’ll automatically think, “this is too hard for me,” without even interacting with it. Being able to see that he can do things like this, and interacting with math outside of school would definitely help."
Sabrina P.
Preschool Teacher, 3rd Grader Parent
"I appreciate that it reinforced the component of empowering African Americans with positive role models. As a white person, I think it was great to expose my own kids to this because we're always trying to make sure they are aware of the contributions of non-white people."
Kristy T.
Middle School Teacher, 5th Grader Parent
"I thought the Math Activity Booklet was laid out well and I liked how the sequencing built from easier to harder stuff. I like the message about positive struggle. Until now, my son has just flown through all of the math in school and hasn't really come across math that's challenging. So I think this was really his first experience struggling through math problems and that was good. It's a good experience to have."
Kel O.
Parent of a 2nd Grader
"Just sign us up, please! Do you need our credit card information today? Seriously, being a math teacher and a mom, I have a kid in my house that hates math and this will help bridge the gap and help me to work on his math deficits. It will help with the basics like multiplication. A lot of parents don't know their kids can't multiply. But if you do something like this, it engages them even if it's just 15 to 20 minutes a day."
Katrice D.
Math Teacher, 6th Grader Parent
"We were pretty excited about the box. We like the numbers, the operations, the pictures, and the little boy looks like him. Representation matters! It gave him another way to make math fun. We loved the mathematician interview. It was really cool for my son to be able to relate to that story."
Juleah R.
Kindergarten Teacher, 5th Grader Parent

Ready to empower our 3rd - 8th grade boys with the math enrichment that helps them tip the scales?

MATHgic Prince FAQs

The MATHgic Prince Box  nurtures math confidence, math enrichment, and cultural representation for boys on a 3rd-8th grade math level.

Each box is based on a real-world theme fueled by a black male mathematician. Every box includes:

  • A profile of a male mathematician to show representation that develops your boy's math identity (his ability to see himself as a learner and doer of math)
  • A foundational math lesson/activity booklet based on a real-world theme to show relevance and create excitement
  • Digital Answer Key - with explanations!
  • 5-7 Items (including at least one Screen-Free activity or manipulative) to bring the theme to life
  • An affirmation to strengthen his math confidence
  • A Caring Adult Guide to help YOU help him maximize his box experience (you do NOT have to be a math whiz to help him enjoy the MATHgic Prince Box! Commitment is all you need.)

The box costs $74.95. This includes shipping (and no sales tax unless you are in the state of Michigan).

No, The MATHgic Prince Box is not only for black boys. Boys of all racial and ethnic backgrounds benefit from the math skills, confidence, and critical thinking skills our box offers. 

The box imagery is curated for black boys because of the unique circumstances they face as a marginalized group and their large underrepresentation/underestimation in STEM fields. But the exciting thing about the box is that ALL boys of all backgrounds enjoy and benefit from the math confidence and skill building boost it provides while learning more about Black history (which is American history) every quarter, which benefits us all! #WinWin

We currently ship to the United States and Canada.

The MATHgic Prince Box ships within 3-5 days of order processing.

When we launched Black Girl MATHgic in 2019, we knew from the glaring data (and from our own experiences working with girls), that we had to get the girls going first. Decades of research show that girls underrate their abilities on tasks and careers that are culturally considered male, of which math is included. And women remain less likely to enroll in math-heavy fields of study and pursue math-heavy careers. This pattern persists despite major studies finding no meaningful differences in mathematics performance among girls and boys. It is mostly a matter of confidence when it comes to girls and math.

But boys need help too. They struggle with foundational math skills and concepts and they don’t alway identify as a ‘math person.’

Especially now in light of recent results that reveal historically large drops in math scores for US public-school students is a national emergency.

When the NAEP (The Nation's Report Card) compared the performance of 9-year-olds who took assessments in 2022 with data from early 2020, before the start of pandemic school closures, it found in two years, the average math score dropped seven points, the first decline of any kind in the 50-year history of the test.

Knowing this, we wanted to create an experience that helps build our boys’ math skills, confidence, and critical thinking skills and shows them that math is achievable.

Not at all! We include a Caring Adult Guide card with tips to help you help your boy maximize his box experience. The MATHgic Prince Box is a great bonding activity for you and your boy.

And we provide a Digital Answer Key complete with a detailed breakdown and explanations - no more spending hours Googling the answers to the math homework!

We are more focused on where your boy is in his math journey more than his age. The BGM Box is designed to reinforce the foundation of math, so the lessons and activities are for those on a 3rd-8th grade math skill level. 

We have two options: a 3rd-5th grade math level box and a 6th-8th grade math skill level box. For example, if you have a 14-year old boy who is in the 9th grade, but on a 6th grade math skill level, he will benefit from the box.

We suggest ordering one box per child as the box is designed for each child to complete individual activities and receive supporting items. It is also important to note, if the children are on different math grade levels, they may require a different math level box depending on their current math abilities. 

We do encourage boys to interact with one another while working through their own BGM boxes!

Math is a life skill and is all around us. Math helps us with everyday things like shopping, finances, cooking and problem-solving. On top of that, having a solid math foundation can open doors that lead to many exciting, lucrative opportunities.

Furthermore, math is the foundation of STEM. STEM is a term that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. According to the National Science Foundation, to succeed in our new information-based and highly technological society, students need to develop their capabilities in STEM to levels much beyond what was considered acceptable in the past. This is impossible to do without math. Math is considered the ‘gatekeeper’ to STEM because it is naturally present in ALL STEM subjects (think Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, etc.). 

Therefore, building math confidence in children from an early age is a must. With salaries in STEM careers starting at $62,000, having a solid foundation in math can set up our kids up for a financially stable adulthood. Even if they are not interested in pursuing a STEM major or career, we all need reasonably good math skills to move through life and be productive members of society.

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