Michole Washington

It’s Game Time!

"If someone comes to you and says, "Oh that class is so hard!" it does not mean that it's going to be hard for you. They can only reflect on their experience and their ability to do the work, not yours."

Quick Facts

Featured in: Game Night/March MATHness (March 2020)

Current Role: Founder of the STEMulation Escape Room


  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Ph.D. in Mathematics Education at the University of Michigan

STEM, Math, and Teaching

In our March 2020 – Game Night/March MATHness box, Michole tells us her favorite thing about math, and when she first fell in love with it. She gives tips for girls experiencing math anxiety and she talks about entrepreneurship within the field of mathematics.

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“We will always have a discussion after the escape because social justice topics are how we relate to the world.”

Check out our March 2020 – Game Night/March MATHness box to see Michole Washington’s FULL interview!