Dr. Noelle Sawyer

Mathematician, Teacher, AND Baker

"One way to get more confident is to get more confident asking questions. That is the thing that has helped me the most."

Quick Facts

Featured in: Baked with Love (February 2021)

Current role: Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Southwestern University in Texas


  • B.A. in Mathematics and History at Vassar College
  • Ph.D in Mathematics at Wesleyan University

Interests: 3D dynamic systems, history, baking (click here: noellesawyer.com for all kinds of delectable recipes!)

In our February 2021 – Baked with Love box, Dr. Sawyer breaks down the similarities of math, history, and baking! Even when you’re looking at a recipe or measuring out ingredients, you’re already doing math when you’re baking. Dr. Sawyer loves to experiment with what happens when you change just part of the recipe a little bit. “The recipe is math by itself,” she says!

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“I grew up in the Bahamas and I have a lot of teachers in my family. I would spend summers with my grandma and we'd be doing math lessons and spelling lessons and cross stitch [...] when I got to undergrad , I was like, I'm going to be a math major and no one can stop me!”

Check out our February 2021 – Baked with Love box to see Dr. Sawyer’s FULL interview!