Dr. Noelle Sawyer

Mathematician, Teacher, AND Baker

"One way to get more confident [in math] is to get more confident asking questions. That is the thing that has helped me the most."

Quick Facts

Featured in: Baked with Love (February 2021)

Current role: Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Southwestern University in Texas


  • B.A. in Mathematics and History at Vassar College
  • Ph.D in Mathematics at Wesleyan University

Interests: 3D dynamic systems, history, baking (click here: noellesawyer.com for all kinds of delectable recipes!)

In our February 2021 – Baked with Love box, Dr. Sawyer breaks down the similarities of math, history, and baking! Even when you’re looking at a recipe or measuring out ingredients, you’re already doing math when you’re baking. Dr. Sawyer loves to experiment with what happens when you change just part of the recipe a little bit. “The recipe is math by itself,” she says!

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“I grew up in the Bahamas and I have a lot of teachers in my family. I would spend summers with my grandma and we'd be doing math lessons and spelling lessons and cross stitch [...] when I got to undergrad [here in the States], I was like, I'm going to be a math major and no one can stop me!”

Check out our February 2021 – Baked with Love box to see Dr. Sawyer’s FULL interview!