“Secure The Bag (Part l)” Full Size Box (featuring Shondra Washington)


“Secure The Bag (Part l)” Full Size Box (featuring Shondra Washington)

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Google “secure the bag,” and you’ll see several different interpretations of what it means. A lot of times when people say, “secure the bag,” they’re talking about the money bag! That’s what we’re talking about this month, too –securing the bag in terms of financial literacy, entrepreneurship and business, and how math just, simply, makes $en$e! Here’s what’s inside your Secure The Bag (Part 1) Box:

  • Meet Shondra Washington: Check out our exclusive interview with Shondra Washington, President and Co-Founder of TBC-Capital!
  • The Startup Squad (Book 1): All the great leaders had to start somewhere. And Teresa (“Resa” for short) is starting with the lemonade stand competition her teacher assigned to the class—but making it a success is going to be a lot harder than Resa thinks. The back of the book also features tips from the Startup Squad and an inspirational profile of a girl entrepreneur!
  • “Secure The Bag Part l” Math Activity Booklet: This booklet, created by the Black Girl MATHgic team, is filled with your business + entrepreneurship + financial literacy-themed math activities for this month! Make sure you work on the problems – this is how you build math confidence and get better at math!
  • Sense 2 Cents Financial Literacy Flash Cards: You are never too young to learn about money! These fun, vibrantly colored flash cards teach the fundamentals of financial literacy, a MUST for properly securing the bag!
  • Money Pencil – What better way to keep track of your finances and business ideas than with this cool, wooden Money Pencil?
  • Custom Black Girl MATHgic Secure The Bag stickers: Special stickers created just for you to go with our Secure the Bag theme! Which one is your favorite?
  • “Having a strong math foundation makes $en$e (sense) now and in the future!” Math Affirmation: It might be pretty obvious, but math is very important when it comes to business, finance and entrepreneurship. From pricing your products to managing your business’ budget, businesses cannot survive without math. Beyond that, you also need strong basic math skills to help you manage money, whether it’s your own or someone else’s! No matter what you end up doing in life, having a strong math foundation will help you make sound financial decisions and secure the bag!

Also included: Caring Adult Guide Postcard + Box Checklist



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