Dorie Mini Mailer (Doctor Appointment)


Dorie Mini Mailer (Doctor Appointment)

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Want to try out a mini version of the Black Girl MATHgic experience, without the extra supplies?! Grab one of our mini mailers!


The Doctor Appointment Mini Mailer comes with:

  • Dr. Dorie Saxon feature and interview – learn the amazing story of Dr. Dorie Saxon, pediatrician
  • Doctor Appointment math activity booklet – 8 colorful pages of doctor math fun and more! Thoughtfully created to show your girl the math in health/healthcare! Also includes writing reflection activity + empowerment message.
  • Math affirmation – a confidence-boosting postcard perfect for hanging up in her room or sticking in her favorite book
  • Doctor Appointment sticker sheet (while supplies last) – custom sticker sheet to spark joy and decorate wherever your girl sees fit!

All created in-house by the Black Girl MATHgic Team! Perfect for keeping your girl’s math skills fresh, while having fun and doing real-world math!


Math Grade Level

3rd-5th Grade, 6th-8th Grade