School and Math Full-Size Box


Box Theme + Featured Mathematician Role Model: “School Is In Session” Full-Size Box (featuring Dr. Keisha Cook )

We’re going back to school, and there’s no limit to what you’ll be able to achieve this year! Our featured mathematician, Dr. Keisha Cook, is a glowing example of math achievement & being a lifelong learner. Her work in education is just one of the many things that have inspired us! Check out what’s inside your School is in Session box:

  • Meet Dr. Keisha Cook Bio + Interview: Dr. Cook is passionate about applied mathematics and solving problems. True to her name, she’s also quite the cook! Get to know Dr. Cook and how she became an educator and a foodie!
  • Black Girl MATHgic School is in Session Math Activity Booklet: This booklet, created by the Black Girl MATHgic team, is filled with math activities that will stretch your problem-solving skills for this month’s School is in Session theme. Make sure you complete the entire booklet; that’s how you build your math confidence!
  • Learning Wrap-Ups: Learning Wrap-ups offer a fun and unique way to help you memorize your math facts. They feature a “Key” shape and stay together with a rivet at the top, making them easy to use and organize. Just wrap the string from the problem on the left to the answer on the right, and then turn the Wrap-Ups over to see if you answered the facts correctly. Each set covers 120 facts.
  • Satin Skinny Hair Scrunches: This is a Dr. Cook must-have! These beautiful neutral-colored hair ties are the perfect back-to-school accessory, whether you’re pulling your hair back to dive into a math problem or whipping up something delicious in the kitchen!
  • Positive Attitude Erasers: It’s okay to make mistakes! Now you can erase them in style with one of your three brightly colored positive attitude erasers!
  • Custom Black Girl MATHgic School is in Session stickers: Special stickers created just for you to go with our School is in Session theme! Which one is your favorite?
  • “I learn from my mistakes – in math class and beyond.” Math Affirmation: As humans, we all make mistakes. There’s no way around it. But what matters is how we recover after we make the mistake. Learning from your mistakes, both inside and outside of the classroom, helps you grow – and that’s what life is all about!

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Math Grade Level

3rd-5th Grade, 6th-8th Grade

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School and Math Full-Size Box