“Secure The Bag (Part ll)” Full Size Box (featuring Sarabella Johnson)


“Secure The Bag (Part ll)” Full Size Box (featuring Sarabella Johnson)

**Note: You do not need Secure The Bag (Part l) box in order to fully benefit from the Secure The Bag (Part ll) box – this is a completely different box focused on a different money topic (real estate)!**

Keep It Real…Estate, that is! Math money fun definitely can’t fit into just one box. So, we’re back with Part ll of our Secure The Bag themed box! This month, we’re FLIPping out over all the math in the real estate world…a world where many people have built wealth! Here’s what’s inside your Secure The Bag (Part ll) Box:

  • Meet Sarabella Johnson: Check out our exclusive interview with Sarabella Johnson, a mathematician and REAL ESTATE AGENT!
  • Custom Black Girl MATHgic Folder: In real estate, presentation is everything! Many real estate agents use attractive, branded folders to present documents like listing agreements and contracts in a professional and organized fashion. Crack open your folder and inside you’ll find a sheet of grid paper to use with an activity in your booklet! How else will you use your folder? (Keeping all your Black Girl MATHgic goodies in one place is one idea!)
  • “Secure The Bag (Pt. ll)” Math Activity Booklet: This booklet, created by the Black Girl MATHgic team, is filled with your real estate math activities for this month! Make sure you work on the problems – this is how you build math confidence and get better at math!
  • Learning Wrap-Ups Math Keys: Keys open doors! In real estate, you give keys that unlock the door to your client’s new home. In your Black Girl MATHgic box, you get Learning Wrap-Ups Math Keys that unlock the door to all types of math facts fun! Wrap the string from the problem on the left to the answer on the right, and then turn your cool, self-correcting key over to see if you got it right! Didn’t get it right? Not a problem. Keep trying!
  • $100 Bill Notepad: Strike it rich! This money notepad is a fun desk accessory, perfect for keeping track of valuable reminders or to write someone an eye-catching note. Pair your new notepad with the $100 bill pencil from the first Secure The Bag box to really be rolling in style!
  • Custom Black Girl MATHgic Secure The Bag stickers: Special stickers created just for you to go with our Secure The Bag (Part ll) theme! Which one is your favorite?
  • “Today, I am laying a strong math foundation that will allow me to unlock many doors of success!” Math Affirmation: With every math activity completed, with every second or third (or fourth!) try after making a mistake, with every day you give math your all, you are building a solid foundation that WILL pay off!
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Math Grade Level

3rd-5th Grade, 6th-8th Grade