Dr. Talea Mayo

Math, Models, and Hurricanes

"Don't be afraid to be wrong. I think we get in our own way a lot so we don't even try because we're so busy trying to be right."

Quick Facts

Featured in: Weather The Storm (November 2020)

Current Role: Computational Mathematician, Assistant Professor at Emory University


  • B.S. in Mathematics at Grambling State University
  • M.S. and Ph.D in Computational and Applied Mathematics at University of Texas-Austin

math modeling, long distance running (especially half-mara

In our November 2020 – Weather The Storm box, Dr. Mayo describes how she is able to predict the behavior of hurricanes. She uses math, computer software, and past hurricane data to study storm surges. Her models help scientists, engineers, city managers, and many other professionals make informed decisions around hurricane preparation!

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Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“I did a lot of internships where I was applying math to different problems, so biology problems, atmospheric problems, supernova recognition to astrophysics. I just saw all the different things you could apply math to.”

Check out our November 2020 – Weather The Storm box to see Dr. Mayo’s FULL interview!