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Black Girl MATHgic’s New Subscription Tiers Are Here To Ignite Passion And Discovery!

A world filled with mathematical wonder, empowerment, and joy is waiting for your child. Come September 19, we’re opening the gates to a transformative experience through our three brand-new, carefully-crafted subscription tiers: Digital, Value, and Premium. Join us in this heartwarming journey to spark curiosity, confidence, and love for math in your child’s heart!

Our New Tiers: Designed with Your Child in Mind

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll be offering in our Black Girl MATHgic relaunch and there’s something for everyone! Y’all asked, and we listened. Our new subscription tiers make math fun, engaging, and less intimidating, as always, but now there’s more choice, more flexibility, and more MATHgic. 

  1. The Digital Subscription:
    • What’s Included: Mathematician feature, math activity workbook, math affirmation card, Caring Adult Guide, answer key, and manipulatives resource list with links. – all at your fingertips.
    • Perfect for: Those seeking affordability without compromising on quality, including our international family.
    • Why Choose: Light up your child’s eyes with exciting digital explorations!


  2. The Value Subscription:
    • What’s Included: Everything in the Digital tier plus free personalization, custom sticker sheet, and motivation chart.
    • Perfect for: Families desiring the joy of hands-on learning without all the premium extras.

  3. The Premium Subscription:
    • What’s Included: Everything in the Value tier plus 2-3 additional goodies/manipulatives based on the box’s theme and premium math support.
    • Perfect for: Those yearning to provide their children with an extraordinary math journey.

A Journey Close to Our Hearts

Black Girl MATHgic is more than math; it’s a nurturing embrace, a high-five for every triumph, and a gentle push towards greatness. Led by Brittany Rhodes, our movement has touched hearts and minds, as celebrated on, Good Morning America, Forbes, and more.

Make Memories That Last a Lifetime

Math is not just numbers; it’s a dance of logic, a game of creativity, and a bonding experience for you and your child. Choose the Digital, Value, or Premium tier and forge unforgettable memories.

Don’t let this magical opportunity slip away!

Join our waitlist now to be the first to know when we relaunch.

Click Here to Join the Waitlist 🎉

Together, let’s make math a heartfelt adventure, filled with joy, curiosity, and love.

Mathematically Yours,