Dr. Gloria F. Gilmer

Hair=Math? #YAS

"Perceiving that you can be successful in mathematics is important to self-confidence."

Quick Facts

Featured in: Love Your Hair (February 2020)

Current Role: Today Dr. Gilmer lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband. She continues her active lifestyle and participates in community organizations.


  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Morgan State University
  • Master of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania
  • Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Marquette University

Traveling, Reading, and Spending time with family and friends

In our February 2020 – Love Your Hair box, Dr. Gilmer, along with her daughter Jill, discuss how she visited hair salons and studied different patterns hairstylists use when braiding hair, and of course, how math fits into those patterns, called tessellations. She talks about her love for math and what first got her interested in it.

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“Anyone will look forward to learning math if they understand its relevance to their life, home, and community. Hands-on learning activities bring out the natural excitement in math that many peole have never experienced.”

Check out our February 2020 – Love Your Hair box to see Dr. Gloria F. Gilmer’s FULL interview!