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Aretta L. Baldon

I love photography because it combines many different engaging elements - curiosity, creativity, math, science and imagination.

Aretta L. Baldon

Quick Facts

Featured IN

Say Cheese (December 2022)

Current role

Photographer/owner of Shades of Light Photography


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at Spelman College


Photography, Creativity, and Math
In our December 2022 Say Cheese box, Mrs. Baldon tells us how math was always presented to her as fun. From a very young age, her dad, who was also a math major, would play games and do puzzles with her, and math would show up. She shares how she started a job in advertising and then talks about her career as a photographer and how math is a part of both.

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

There's more than one way to do something, and some ways are longer than others, but that's okay.

Aretta L. Baldon