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Brittany Mosby

"That's the really cool thing about math - anybody can use math even if you don't think of yourself as a math person.” (Spoiler alert: YOU are a math person!)

Brittany Mosby

Quick Facts

Featured IN

HBCU Love (December 2020)

Current role

Director of HBCU Success


B.S. in Mathematics at Spelman College
M.S. in Mathematical Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University
Ed.D in Higher Education Leadership and Policy at Vanderbilt University


In our December 2020 – HBCU Love box, Dr. Mosby describes how she helps HBCUs be the best schools they can be while making sure they have as much access to resources as possible. A lot of her job is related to statistics and presenting information in a clear way! What people forget about is that math can be fun! Math is about discovery and exploration. If you like to read, Dr. Mosby recommends looking at math puzzles, brainteasers, and logic challenges!

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“I told her, ‘I'm not a math person,’ and she said, ‘There is no such thing as a math person; you are good at math and you can help others.’ That was the first time that I thought about being good at math. ”

Brittany Mosby