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Dr. Elisha Smith Arrillaga

"Every single person is a math person [and] no one should believe [otherwise]."

Dr. Elisha Smith Arrillaga

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Secure the Bag V: Helping Hands (January 2023)

Current role

Professor at The University of Texas of Austin


Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Smith College Master of Science in Survey Research from the University of Maryland at College Park Ph.D. in Public Affairs with a concentration in Urban Policy from Princeton’s School of International Affairs


Educating her students on Philanthropy and Philanthropic Activism
In our January 2023 – Secure the Bag V: Helping Hands box, Dr. Smith Arrillaga shares how her math story began, what inspired her to study math, and the way math shows up in her many ventures.

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“Don't be afraid to ask for help. Part of math is the joy of failing and then figuring it out and being in that struggle. That's what mathematics is about.”

Dr. Elisha Smith Arrillaga