Dr. Samaiyah Farid

"[Math is] a tool that we use to understand the world around us. It's just like language. It's something we use to communicate with."

Dr. Samaiyah Farid

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You Are My Sunshine October 2022

Current role

Mathematician and Project Scientist for the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)


Bachelor of Science in Physics & Mathematics with a Space Science Concentration and a Master of Science in Physics with a Space Science Specialization at Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University
Ph.D. in Astronomy and Astrophysics at Vanderbilt University


Science, the solar system to be exact and to delve even deeper, black holes and, of course, math
In our October 2022 – You Are My Sunshine box, Dr. Farid takes us to an entirely different universe with her love for space science and the connection between space and math. We learn of her math journey and how she persevered even though she struggled in the beginning. Dr. Farid also shared with us how she became interested in physics and astronomy and the connection of math in her job.

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“Math is cool. It's the way that we describe the world around us, and we manipulate those numbers in a way to help us understand the world.”

Dr. Samaiyah Farid