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Tanya M. Smith

"Celebrate every victory because every small victory leads up to you celebrating that big victory."

Tanya M. Smith

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Fashionista (May 2023)

Current role

Mathematics Professor and founder of GIRLI (Gorgeous, Intelligent, Radiant, Loving, and Incredible) Brand Apparel


Bachelor of Science in Math at University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff Master of Business Administration at Baker University


Fashion, STEM education, and encouraging women to feel their best in their own skin
In our May – Fashionista box, Tanya Smith tells us how her grandmother introduced her to math, when she would spend time with her while she sewed, and how her mom played a role in her love for math when she was in banking. She also shared her high school and college days, and tells us of the ladies who taught her and encouraged her to continue growing her knowledge in math. Tanya tells us about her business GIRLI brand apparel and how math shows up in her business everyday.

Black Girl MATHgic Exclusive Interview Preview

“We have to eliminate our own negative thoughts because we can be our own worst critics."

Tanya M. Smith