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Ditch Math Anxiety In Your Girl…For Good: Announcing Our Upcoming Webinar!

If you’ve ever sat down with your girl to tackle math homework or practice math skills, you know the struggle is real. The confusion, the hesitation, and yes, the dreaded math anxiety. But did you know that this math anxiety could have real-world consequences that could cost your girl a whopping six-figures in the long run?

Math Anxiety Is Costly: The Ohio State Study

A study conducted in 2019 at Ohio State University unveiled a shocking reality: having high confidence in math ability compared to low confidence was the equivalent of having $94,000 more in annual income. Accounting for inflation, that $94,000 would equate to around $112,000 today. 


The researchers found that even people with strong math skills were held back by a lack of confidence. Those who lack math confidence are likely not to persist when math gets tough or tedious, thereby ‘canceling out’ the advantages of their skills.

The Problem: An Ongoing Cycle of Math Anxiety

"I'm just not good at math"

It’s a phrase we’ve heard way too often. You’re not the only parent haunted by their own math struggles; this cycle has been repeating for generations. 

This isn’t just about numbers on a sheet of paper. This is about setting your girl up for a confident, empowered future.

The Solution: A Webinar Tailored for You

We’re taking action to change this narrative. I’m thrilled to announce our upcoming webinar titled, “How To Help Your Girl Ditch Math Anxiety For Good!”

Why You Should Attend

This webinar is for you if:

💜 You still remember the stress and fear you felt in your own math classes and now see the same feelings and struggles affecting your girl

💜 Your girl struggles with basic concepts, and you’re worried she’s falling behind

💜 You’re tired of the dull and draining ‘math as usual’ approach—worksheets, repetitive exercises, and boring videos

💜 You’ve seen your girl thrive in low-pressure, low-stakes environments that are fun and engaging

💜 You appreciate culturally relevant educational tools, and you’re open to supplemental learning material that isn’t tied to any one curriculum

💜 You’re fully committed to actively engaging in your girl’s math learning to help her beat math anxiety and thrive

We’ll cover all these points and more during the webinar. Plus, we’ll be sharing actionable strategies to build math confidence in a fun and real-world way.

🎉 BONUS: We’ll have exclusive giveaways and freebies that you won’t want to miss!

The Details

  • Date: Tuesday, Sep 19, 2023
  • Time:  7PM EST (6PM CST/4PM PST)

Save Your Seat Now!

Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your girl’s math journey around. The future can be different, and it starts with taking this step today. Sign up for free here.

See you there!

Together, let’s change the narrative and inspire the next generation of math lovers and high earners.

Mathematically Yours,