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MATHgicians In Action: Real Stories Of Transformation And Triumph With Black Girl MATHgic

Black Girl MATHgic is more than just a subscription box; it’s a movement, a community, and a beacon of empowerment for young girls on their journey to mastering mathematics.

The heart of our mission beats in the stories of transformation and triumph we receive from our amazing MATHgicians and their Caring Adults. Today, we’d like to share some of these inspiring tales.

Making Math Real: Erin's Story

“I’m so thankful this [box] is math in action. Real life math…Thank you for all the hard work you put into [the Black Girl MATHgic boxes]! We love them!!!"
Erin M

Grandmother's Blessing: Shirley's Inspiration

Copy of Screenshot_20191128-123901_Instagram
“My granddaughters love their monthly Black Girl MATHgic Box. Many ways to create the love of math! Highly recommend for girls of all ages."
Shirley H.
Caring Adult

Tutor-Approved Learning: Sierra's Joy

Copy of Screenshot_20191128-123042_Instagram
"My daughter, Charis, has been taking her Black Girl MATHgic box with her to [her local tutoring center] for her online school tutoring hours. One of the tutors approached me this week to tell me how amazing, effective, and cool this box is. She looks forward to working with her and doing the activities together. You have another fan!"
Sierra C.

Overcoming Challenges: M.D.'s Gratitude

“My daughter is 12 years old and has a Chiari Malformation and autism - a precious brain surgery left her with a number processing disorder. [She] reads at an 11th grade level, math more like 2nd-3rd grade. Anything to keep her engaged is a blessing - but there’s no way I could possibly add up the hours and hours and hours and hours we have worked...point being - Thank you! What you do is brilliant and so greatly appreciated. You had my Number fearing kiddo sitting with me for 40 minutes!”

Educator's Delight: Kendria's Excitement

“As a middle school math teacher, I am STOKED after receiving my first box. The activities are super engaging and fun. The parent guide also makes for easy implementation regardless of where you are in your Math journey.”
Kendria O.
Middle School Teacher

Homeschooling Success: Jade's Experience

“Loved these boxes. We used them for two years when my daughter was in middle school to supplement her math.”
Homeschooling Parent

What's Inside the Black Girl MATHgic Box?


Our success stories are proof of our commitment to making math accessible, fun, and empowering. Every Black Girl MATHgic box is curated with love, passion, and educational expertise, featuring activities that align with a young mathematician’s life, hobbies, or work. We’re not just teaching math; we’re shaping future leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

Join the Movement!

We are gearing up for an exciting relaunch with new subscription tiers that will cater to even more unique needs and preferences. Whether you choose the digital, value, or premium subscription, you can be a part of this incredible movement. Black Girl MATHgic is more than just math lessons; it’s a community, an experience, and a path to a brighter future.

We want to add your transformation to our testimonials! Join our email list today, and be the first to know about our exciting relaunch. Together, we can write the next success story.

Mathematically Yours,