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The 4 Secret Fears That Are Holding You Back – And How to Overcome Them

If you’ve found yourself here, you’re likely on a mission: to help a young girl in your life fall head over heels for math. But let’s keep it real—there are some fears that might be holding you back.

After talking to some incredibly satisfied Black Girl MATHgic customers, I’ve realized that many had to confront one or more of four major fears before taking the leap to invest in their daughters’ math education.

Today, many of them have seen transformative changes—eliminating math anxiety, improving math grades, and even making math a favorite subject! 👇🏾👇🏾

You may have reservations about joining our community, and I want to help you overcome those hurdles. I believe every child can go from feeling uncertain and anxious about math to feeling confident and enthusiastic.

Stop aimlessly searching online for math solutions and start empowering your child with Black Girl MATHgic.

Common Fear #1: "Can I afford it?"

When you’re thinking about investing in your child’s math education, this is a legit concern. But trust and believe, the ROI (Return on Investment) on education is priceless. We’re talking about opening doors to opportunities and building lifelong skills.

How much is your child’s confidence and academic success in math worth to you?

The skills your daughter will gain through Black Girl MATHgic are life skills that will set her on a path to excel in STEM and other math-heavy fields for years to come.

There’s a cost to hesitating: missed opportunities for growth, lower earning potential (like the $112K in annual income I mentioned in another blog post!), and continuous struggles with math anxiety.

We’ve priced our subscriptions with you in mind, starting at just $16.95/month, making it a value-packed investment in your child’s future.

💸 Ready to invest in a brighter, more confident future for your child? Click here to get started with Black Girl MATHgic.

Common Fear #2: "I don't have time"

Is this just another thing I have to add to my already busy schedule?

Let’s debunk this right now.

Black Girl MATHgic is designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily routine, offering bite-sized, engaging activities that make learning math easy and fun. It’s a time-saver that provides you with all the resources you need in one box—saving you the time you’d otherwise spend piecing together quality math resources.

No more Googling for hours, scavenging Pinterest, or dusting off old textbooks. 

Not only do we offer a detailed Answer Key and a Caring Adult Guide in every box, but we also include a suggested schedule to make the most out of your MATHgic experience. For our Value and Premium subscriptions, we take it a step further with a weekly motivation chart. Our goal is to guide you and your young mathematician in a way that is as effortless as possible, without overwhelming you or taking up too much of your precious time.

⏰ Ready to save MONTHS of your time and jump-start your child’s math success? Click here to reclaim your time with Black Girl MATHgic.

Common Fear #3: "I have no confidence in myself as a Caring Adult, especially with this ‘new math’"

How can I possibly help her?

Spoiler alert: YOU CAN! With our Caring Adult Guide, you don’t need to be a math whiz. You just need to be a loving supporter.

The beauty of our boxes is their simplicity and effectiveness. We provide easy-to-follow guides, answer keys, and support that make it pretty much effortless for amazing Caring Adults like you to help your child engage with math.

…and we don’t require that “new math.” All we want is for your girl to do math in the way that makes the most sense to her!

💪🏾 Ready to boost not just her confidence but yours too? Click here to get math confidence cracking with Black Girl MATHgic.

Common Fear #4: "Now's not the right time"

There’s never a “perfect” time, but delaying can mean missing out on the critical period when your child is developing her foundational math skills. Today is the right time!

👉🏾 One small step today can lead to a future filled with unlimited possibilities. Click here to take that step and get started!

BONUS Common Fear: "This box won't help with my child's specific math struggle"

We’ve heard from you—your child may be struggling with place value, fractions, or division. Our subscription is designed to be as comprehensive and adaptable as possible to cater to various learning needs. From word problems to multiplication, we got you covered!
We might even save you some $$$ on a family vacay! 👇🏾🤑👇🏾

Ready to overcome these fears and step into a world of Math Confidence?

As a 20-year math tutor, I’ve experienced the challenges and fears around making math enjoyable and accessible for children, which is why I founded Black Girl MATHgic in the first place.

🌟Don’t let fears hold you back on the chance to make math a subject your child loves and excels in. Take the leap into a world where math is fun, engaging, and relevant. Click below to explore our subscription options and join the MATHgic community today. Remember, math confidence is just a click away!

Still on the fence?

Remember, this is about more than just math; it’s about building confidence, increasing self-esteem, and setting her up for a lifetime of success. Click here to make a lasting impact and transform her future now.

Mathematically Yours,