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Child holding math educational box smiling

How We Unlocked Your Child’s Inner Math Star in 2022

Black Girl MATHgic: Our 2022 Year In Review

2022 heightened the urgency for math competency as math scores plummeted to their lowest level ever recorded. Deeply alarmed by the statistics, we double-downed on our mission to increase math confidence and decrease math anxiety in black children with our award-winning Black Girl MATHgic Box and our new The MATHgic Prince Boy Box!

Journey with us as we reflect on how a full year of curated representation, inspiration, tools, and fun activities succeeded in raising math confidence and decreasing math anxiety in girls and boys in grades 3-8 to help them become confident math achievers poised to design the life they desire.

We introduced 14 mathematicians and 13 themes in 2022

Each month we featured a black female mathematician to show representation and to inspire and develop your girl’s math identity (her ability to see herself as a learner and doer of math), whether she decides to pursue a math-related career or not. The career, interests, and hobbies of our multi-dimensional mathematicians sparked each month’s engaging and real-world theme.

Giget Johnson
Our January 2022 box featured Giget Johnson, an Attorney and NFL Sports Agent. Her box was Gridiron Goals.
Dr. Shelby Wilson
Our February 2022 box featured Dr. Shelby Wilson, a Data Scientist at an Applied Physics Lab. Her box was STEM + HERSTORY.
Dr. Chawne Kimber
Our March 2022 box featured Dr. Chawne Kimber, a College Dean with a passion for quilting. Her box was Check My Patchwork.
Black Girl MATHgic Grid Iron Goal Box featuring Gidget Johnson

Where it all began

We “kicked off” 2022 with a football-inspired box sharing the math behind the game and featuring mathematician Giget Johnson who shared how she became a real-life National Football League sports agent.


The number of colleges and universities where our mathematicians earned their degrees, including Howard, Spelman, and Stanford,


The # of careers our youth learned about in our boxes in 2022, including:


Math Teacher



Criminal Defense Lawyer

We read some great books, too!

Confidentially Yours by Jo Whittmore
Madam C.J. Walker Builds A Business by Rebel Girls
African American Astronauts & Space Pioneers by T.M Moody
Rhonda Walker Organization is a nonprofit organization in Detroit, MI

We had the honor and privilege of donating more than 150 boxes impacting seven Detroit-based youth organizations.

Each mathematician shared their math journey. Sometimes an inspiring message about how someone overcame obstacles is all that’s needed to spark math confidence.

Math is for everyone. It’s accessible to everybody. It’s something that helps develop that muscle in your brain that makes you a critical thinker.

Rachel & Rebecca Crouch, featured in our July Art Gallery Box

The MATHgic Prince Box

In October we introduced The MATHgic Prince Box

To extend the 💜 to our boys and empower and ignite his love, skill, and appreciation for MATH.

Former NFL pro turned MIT Math Ph.D. Dr. John Urschel was our inaugural featured mathematician in the aptly-themed Football Season Box.

And, of course, it was all about the math! In the boxes, we covered nearly 30 math concepts this year including…












Word Problems


…and Probability

To bring the math to life, we packed more than 15 awesome manipulatives into our boxes. Some of our favorites included:

The Love Math Journal

Blitz Champz Football Math Cards

The Whole Year Puzzle

The Amazing Star Cube Cosmos Geometric Puzzle

Fraction Dominoes

We accomplished so much in 2022!

And the year ahead is looking even brighter. Expect more mathematicians, exciting updates, and helpful resources to come in 2023. And month by month, we’ll continue to help kids learn to love math as they unlock the skills and confidence that they’ll take with them to the classroom and beyond.

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